The Homecoming - 'Glass of Water' Scene Analysis

First, here is the extract of the scene:

LENNY: […] So after a few minutes I said to her, now look here, why don't you stuff this iron mangle up your arse? Anyway, I said, they're out of date, you want to get a spin drier. I had a good mind to give her a workover there and then, but as I was feeling jubilant with the snow-clearing I just gave her a short-arm jab to the belly and jumped on a bus outside. Excuse me, shall I take this ashtray out of your way?

RUTH. It's not in my way.

LENNY. It seems to be in the way of your glass. The glass was about to fall. Or the ashtray.

I'm rather worried about the carpet. It's not me, it's my father. He's obsessed with order

and clarity. He doesn't like mess. So, as I don't believe you're smoking at the moment, I'm

sure you won't object if I move the ashtray.

He does so.

And now perhaps I'll relieve you of your glass.

RUTH. I haven't quite finished.

LENNY. You've consumed quite enough, in my opinion.

RUTH. No, I haven't.

LENNY. Quite sufficient, in my own opinion.

RUTH. Not in mine, Leonard.


LENNY. Don't call me that, please.

RUTH. Why not?

LENNY. That's the name my mother gave me.


Just give me the glass.



LENNY. I'll take it, then.

RUTH. If you take the glass... I'll take you.


LENNY. How about me taking the glass without you taking me?

RUTH. Why don't I just take you?


LENNY. You're joking.


You're in love, anyway, with another man. You've had a secret liaison with another man. His

family didn't even know. You come here without a word of warning and start to make


She picks up the glass and lifts it towards him.

RUTH. Have a sip. Go on. Have a sip from my glass.

He is still.

Sit on my lap. Take a long cool sip.

She pats her lap. Pause.

She stands, moves to him with the glass.

Put your head back and open your mouth.

LENNY. Take that glass away from me.

RUTH. Lie on the floor. Go on. I'll pour it down your throat.

LENNY. What are you doing, making me some kind of proposal?

She laughs shortly, drains the glass.

RUTH. Oh, I was thirsty.

She smiles at him, puts the glass down, goes into the hall and up the stairs.

He follows into the hall and shouts upstairs.

LENNY. What was that supposed to be? Some kind of proposal?


He comes back into the room, goes to his o