About Me

Hello – My name is Ryan Donaghue. I was born a little outside of Glasgow, as the second oldest of five siblings. Growing up my father read me stories of Narnia and Lyra. As my younger siblings were born the house filled with noise. I loved escaping to read in the quiet. This love of reading eventually took me on to Trinity College, Cambridge to study English Literature.  There I learned a form of deep reading called practical criticism that changed how I thought about the world – and myself. This process transformed my relationships to reading. I saw the books I loved through new eyes. I would like to offer this same transformational experience, and the skills that go with it, to anyone interested in books. This analytic process will help any English literature students or those preparing for criticism exams or Oxbridge interviews. It will also help book club participants or general readers see books differently.

To expand this skillset I designed and launched a Udemy course and set up a website offering extra contact and support for those who complete the course and wish to extend their skills. I hope to transform imaginations across the world by offering readers a new way to read – if you’re interested in learning more please have a look at one of my courses or contact me through my website.

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